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How to Check If a Sump Pump Is Working

Is your property at risk of water
damage? Then you should consider
installing a sump to keep your property safe from water damage. During the storm, the sump pump removes
excess water from the foundation of your property. Therefore, it is crucial to
ensure that the pump is working properly. However, most of the people do not
know how to test the sump work. Fortunately, it does not require any special
skills to test it. Here is a simple guide on how to check if a sump is working.

The first thing is to locate the exit
pipe of the pump and check if it is clogged with debris or dirt. If there is
any debris inside the pump, you should remove it to prevent the pump from
damage. If you have any problem you may talk to water damage Windsor for

Moreover, you should check if the
connections of the pump are alright. All you need is to enter the crawlspace of
the basement and trace the two electrical cables of the sump pump. Usually, the
pump cord is plugged into the float cord plug. Unplug the cords and plug the
pump’s cord directly to the outlet. If
the pump produces a humming sound after turning on, then it is working
properly. Plug the cords back as they were before testing. First, plug the
float cord followed by the pump cord. Ensure that the pump cord is properly
plugged into the back of the float cord.

However, not all the sump pumps have
two cords. In this case, you should apply a different method while testing a
single-corded pump. Pour about 20 liters of water into the pump pit until the
float rises. When the float is up, the pump is switch on immediately. While
running, the pump should pump out the water from the pit. It should
automatically switch off after removing all the water from the pit. Repeat the
test to ensure that the pump is working properly.

In some instances, pouring water into
the pit is not an option. In this case, you should manually lift the float and
see if the pump turns on. However, you should not run the pump for more than
few seconds. Testing the pump for prolonged periods may damage the motor.

Using these methods to test the sump
pump should provide you results. You should seek the help of the experts if
these methods don’t work. In this case, you should contact water damage Windsor
experts. They have expertise and experience to repair and maintain sump pumps.
Moreover, they offer top-notch services at an affordable fee. Also, they offer
excellent customer service and available 24 hours a day.


A sump pump is a device used to
remove excess water from the foundation of the building. It protects your
premise against damage during storms and wet seasons. In this case, you should
ensure that the pump is working properly to protect your premise against water
damage. Therefore, you should use the above methods to see if your pump is
working properly. If it is not working you should consult water damage Windsor
professionals. Conclusively, you should test your pump twice a year.

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