How to treat flooded basements in Windsor


How to treat flooded basements in Windsor

Imagine this: One fine Windsor morning you go to the basement to grab something important or to do the laundry when to your horror you discover the whole basement flooded with more than 6 inches of standing water! Truly, the stuff of nightmares.

Water damage restoration is the combined acts of drying, dehumidifying, vacuuming, cleaning and finally restoring the affected area(s) to resume normal functioning and operations.

A flooded basement is not only a nuisance but a hazard as well. There is a constant fear of electrocution because of the water coming in contact with a live wire. Basements can flood due to a variety of reasons but the two primary reasons why it occurs are- (i) actual floods in and around the house and (ii) plumbing failure leading to accumulation of water in the house.

In both cases, swift measures should be taken to get rid of the water as quickly as possible and remove all traces of humidity from the wooden flooring.

Steps that should be taken-

  • The first step to be taken is to cut off all power sources nearby the affected area. This reduces the chances of electrocution drastically. Also important is to remember to wear rubber boots before stepping into the water.
  • Unless the flood is caused due to natural sources like rainfall, it is best to investigate and cut off the source of flooding. If you can identify the affected plumbing area from where the water is originating in the first place, switch it off immediately.
  • Fortunately, there are many good companies in Windsor dealing with water damage restoration. You can call companies like water damage restoration Windsor, a well-known company offering premium water damage restoration services. You may also call water restoration Tecumseh, another well-known company in Windsor. Companies like water damage restoration Windsor takes special care ensure the safety of the entire house and its individuals and to get the job done in a professional and fastidious way.


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