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Prevent basement water Damage Flooding

Sump pump is used to eliminate water
that has accumulated in a water sump pit, generally located in the home

A backup sump pump is an alternative
unit to be used in case the primary one fails. The primary pump can fail in a
number of reasons:

  • an electrical power outage

  • switch failure

  • float failure

  • broken drive shaft

  • Clogged intake screen.

For a backup sump pump, there are
two types available:

  • the submersible– sits on the bottom
    of the sump pit and ‘submersed’ in water

  • The pedestal– have motors mounted
    on top of a stand pipe and do not come in contact with the water. They are
    often less expensive than the submersible pump.

To install your pump will need a
caulk, a jackhammer, PVC pipe, cement, fittings, trowel, electric drill, hack
saw and a sump pump and liner.

Attach the discharge pipe unto the
unit and set pump into the pit. Drill a hole through the rim in order to put up
the discharge pipe. Measure and cut the PVC pipe and attach to the discharge
pipe. Once you ensure the proper lengths, cement the pipe sections. Caulk and
seal around the pipe. Plug in the pump, and pour in water to check if the pump
operates well.

These pumps are prone to breaking
down, so you will need to maintain and check on it on a regular basis. Some quick
tips on sump pump maintenance are:

  1. Test the conditions first to
    ensure it is in proper condition.

  1. Hire repairman for maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Pour one fourth cup of white vinegar into the
    unit while running in order to dissolve the buildup.

  1. Replace the battery every 2 years
    or so or according to manual instructions.

Eaves trough is also known as gutter
and are most important part of roofing system of home. It helps in:

  • Collecting rain water and divert it
    away from the foundation.

  • Preventing dropping water on the wall
    hence reducing leakages and moisture in the internal part of home.

  • Preventing soil erosion in your yard and
    prevent leaks in basement.

  • Protecting painted surface that can
    get damaged by water.

People can prevent eaves from problem by:

  • inspecting

  • cleaning

  • Conducting minor repair in every single year.

Keeping your eaves trough up to date can
prevent your home from:

  • basement flooding

  • tampered house siding

  • roof damage and leakage

  • peeling paint

of the gutter includes:

  • Cleaning

  • Installing
    grid to protect leaves and other element to insert in, leaves may cause
    blockage to water.

troughs need fast repair. It needs Eavestroughing Repair to keep your
troughs and eaves clean to pass water properly to gutter.

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